WASHINGTON — Vice President Joe Biden will assist in the lighting this year of the Hanukka menorah on the ellipse in front of the White House.

Biden’s participation on December 16, the first night of the holiday, marks the 35th anniversary of the first lighting of the “National Menorah,” an event sponsored by American Friends of Lubavitch, the Washington office of the Chabad movement.

It has become a tradition for Cabinet-level US officials to assist in the lighting.

Everyone should think hard about this one. The world's largest Menorah is lit every year on Public Property right in front of the White House and each year a band from one of our military branches plays the Chanukah music. Where are the "atheists" that protest Nativity Scenes and scream about separation of Church and state? Note how they are silent in all things Jewish. They even protested the White House "Christmas" Tree and for many years it was called a "holiday tree". ...Never in my memory has there been a "National Nativity Scene" - can you imagine the protests if there was? All you "Christian" supporters of Israel and what St. John in the Book of Revelations called: "The Synagogue of Satan" - should really give some thought to reality. These "atheists" that attack all things Christian are not atheists at all and they can be found in the Synagogue nearly every Saturday!